How Do I Send my Patients to California Sleep Solutions?

Send California Sleep Solutions the Patients referral, medical notes, and the diagnostic screener tool. We will complete insurance authorization, scheduling the patient and billing.

Why We Are Unique

California Sleep Solutions strives to maintain the highest standards of medical care in the treatment of sleep disorders to achieve a higher quality of life for our patients through caring, concern and dedication.

Four Star Hotel Room Setting

Our testing rooms are private and set up like a hotel room.  Amenities include a queen size bed, armoire and most are equipped with showers.

Convenient Locations

We have multiple sleep lab locations throughout the greater Sacramento area, so each patient never has to travel too far from home late at night.

Flexible Scheduling

Our labs are open for testing seven nights a week to accommodate the busy lives of our patients.  Appointments are based on their regular bedtime.

Referral Processing

We pride ourselves on our efficiency in scheduling, verifying benefits, obtaining authorizations and keeping the process stress free for the patient and referring physician.

Timely Access To Care

We can schedule a sleep study or PAP setup within 1-2 weeks.

Compassion In Care

Our patients’ well-being is of the utmost importance to us. We teach our staff to care for our patients the way they would for their own family members. We also have more than a 85% compliance ratio.

Our Processes

California Sleep Solutions specializes solely in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. We can meet provider and patient needs for screening, diagnosis, and treatment. We request authorization and get a report back to you within one week accompanied with an easy to read recommendation.
  • Timely Access To Care

    We contact the patient within one business day to schedule their study at a time and location that is convenient for them.  Our facilities are open 7 nights a week and conveniently located throughout the greater Sacramento area. Patients do not have to wait to get scheduled.  Our staff will handle all insurance verifications as well.

  • Recommendations And Reports

    We send easy to read physician recommendations for ongoing care in our reports. Our reports are detailed physician reports and are delivered within one week.

  • Education

    Our PAP therapists meet one on one with all patients in order to educate them about Sleep Apnea, their new unit and the benefits of therapy.

  • Compliance

    We follow up with each patient to ensure they were able to successfully begin therapy and address any concerns. California Sleep Solutions has higher than 85% compliance ratio with PAP therapy. Subsequent follow-ups are performed for the duration of therapy.

  • Communication, Therapy, and Testing

    Our staff will keep you informed of the progress of your patient every step of the way.  All scheduling, set up, and follow up information is communicated to your office, so the patient’s treatment is never in question.  Our interpreting physicians are Board Certified Sleep Specialists and studies are conducted and scored by Registered Polysomnographic Technologists. We carry a stock of PAP units and masks from the top manufacturers for patient and physician choice.  We also offer alternate treatment solutions for patients who cannot tolerate PAP therapy.